Good PR is vital for any product or company but the need for good PR for technical products has never been greater. As the functionality grows for products in the technology market place, so does their complexity.

Good PR

If a company or brand wants to make sure consumers are getting the most out of their product, and therefore using them to their fullest potential, it’s essential that they have a good PR strategy in place to both promote and familiarise that product. We recommend Vantage PR – a specialist technology public relations agency.

The Problem with Poor PR

A lot of technology companies lack a positive PR strategy and that means that the people they are selling to, the end consumer, may have a poor knowledge of a product. That means that either the consumer won’t know who to come to fill their needs or potentially, how important a company‚Äôs product is.

Technical Drawings

Without a decent PR vision companies can find a lack of initial sales as well as a lack of repeat custom. Consumers need to know the technical aspects of a product and how it can benefit them before they make an initial investment or return knowing that a particular product fits their needs.

The Benefits of Good PR

Producing a positive message for a product from the outset is paramount. Reaching as many potential consumers as possible with a clear outline of what a product does and how it does it can mean the difference between launching to an eager market or seeing deflated sales from the get go. Coupling good PR with a well researched and well produced product means that any potential consumer will go into using a product with the knowledge they need to use it efficiently as well as ability to find out where they need to go for help.

In House vs Outsourced

PR is a complex field and while a company may have the know-how when it comes to innovating in their field, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will know how to message properly within that field. A company has two options at this point, either hire PR consultants to work in house or look for a firm that can put across the message they need.

In house PR is expensive and if a business owner is not sure who they need or what they should be looking for, a company can end up weighing itself down with extra staff that aren’t producing the right message for the product. Independent PR agencies will have a large staff of varied expertise and the logistical knowledge needed to get a solid PR strategy put together with the right PR manager. Rather than employing someone who won’t be utilised on a minute by minute basis, an independent PR team can focus solely on directed campaigns that will produce results with little to no down time. For a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs, the idea of handing off work to an outside team is daunting, but it’s the kind of delegation of responsibility that means that a company can focus on their area of expertise and leave the messaging to a person or a team that deals with that day in and day out.

The Bottom Line

As with everything in business, choosing how to approach a PR strategy is a personal and subjective thing. If a company is sure that they can count on an in house employee to run a campaign that fits the product then that’s great. However, if a company is worried that budget and time that could be put to better use elsewhere, they need to look into obtaining some expert outside help. A good PR company will be able to sit down with a business and work out a campaign that hits home every time and ensure that any money spent, is well spent.

Why Technical Products Need Better PR Now