We all need a bank account in order to function and most of us use online banking as a matter of course. Most website you find tell you the best interest rates and the like which is OK. But what if you want to know how easy the online banking experience is.

1 NatWest

There online banking system is very easy to use and covers all the normal function you would expect. If you search online will find allot of negative reviews of their online banking, but from our personal use and experience we find the system very easy to use. One great feature is the ability to get cash out of an ATM even if you do not have your card. This can also be used to send money to someone. You simply text them a code and the amount you want them to have access to. They just then go to any NatWest or Tesco ATM enters the code and the amount and they get the cash. Very useful for sending siblings emergency cash. They have a great app for iPhone which uses your fingerprint to gain access to your online account and send money as described above via text message.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Natwest Login Information

Natwest Login

2. Halifax

The Halifax banking system does most of what you would expect from an online account, but many users have had had problems with setting it up. The customer service is also not the best we have found. Their high street staff are good but online help and phone support leave allot to be desired.

They have an online app which is much better than their online offering and is a big improvement.

Our Rating 3/5

Halifax Login

3. Lloyds Bank

If any bank has gone backwards in the online world it is Lloyds bank. They used to have a great online banking experience. We have had many users getting in OK only to them be asked again for their password and then locked out of online banking. Telephone support is also at the lower end of what you would expect from a major high street bank.

Our rating 2/5

Lloyds bank login

4. Barclays Bank

Barclays is another bank that started off well but seems to have gone backwards in their online offering. If you have multiple Barclaycards you will often find they have their own separate login.

It is possible to have them grouped together but we had three and could only get 2 combined. This was in part because Barclays acquired egg and converted their cards to Barclaycard but could not get this added to main account even after contenting them on multiple occasions.

We have also had multiple reports of unreliable internet service, however we did get one person saying they were happy, so added 0.5 to our rating.

Our Rating 1.5/5

Barclays bank Login