New and best-looking gadgets are always an attraction to all. Here you can see 10 gadgets 2015 which are smart, brilliant and also best looking besides being unique in features and uses.

1. Walk car of Cocoa Motors

This walk car is designed and developed by a twenty-six-year-old Japanese Kuniako Saito. It is the size of a laptop and looks like a skateboard, certainly one of the most defining gadgets 2015. This walk car is powered by a lithium battery, it is made of aluminium and weighs between two and three kilograms. According to Saito, this car is powerful enough to push wheelchairs. And can carry around 120 kg of weight. Its speed is 10 kilometres per hour and can travel up to 12 kilometers after a three-hour charging. For starting the car, one just needs to stand on it. Stepping out will stop the car. By simply changing the weight of the user the car can change directions also. After reaching your destination on the walk car, there is no worry of having to find a parking space. You can just pack it in your bag and carry it with you. We think the think the Walk Car is a hugely stylish and practical refinement on Segway technology and are keeping out eyes and ears peeled. On release it is estimated to cost $800 at the time of writing.

2. Acer Aspire Z5600

This is a wonderful desktop computer with touch screen features. It comes with a 2.33GHz processor, 8GB of RAM and 1TB of storage space, all packed in a sleek silver enclosure. The uniqueness of this model is that it can be operated by a mouse or a keyboard as well as with the fingers of the user. It is quite simple to use and very effective to add data entries or for doing online purchases.

3. Apple Watch

It is a smartwatch developed by Apple Inc. and is one of the defining gadgets 2015. It has the ability to track fitness and health oriented variations occur in the body of a person and also can integrate other Apple products and services. It is available in different models with various features.

4. Apple iPhone 6s

The iPhone is the fastest selling smartphone of the world at the moment breaking the previous sale records. It has 3D touch and Live Photos as unique features. It comes with an improved Apple A9 system chip to enable the optimal feature and more battery life. It outshines all the other smartphones in brilliance and performance.

5. Samsung Galaxy S6

A beauty in the mobile phone family comes with many good and advanced features like Exynos 7420 system chip, excellent camera with 16 MP capacity, best display screen and the fantastic wireless charging option.

6. Google’s Nexus 5X

This model is made by LG with Android 6.0 Marshmallow features. It has a good fingerprint scanner and supports USB type C connector for charging. It features a brilliant image sensor and good display and storage features. This smartphone is brilliant with numerous features and good for the pocket also.

7. Sony Xperia Z5

This smartphone comes with a powerful system chip and very many good and outstanding features including a camera sensor. It looks stylish and has a long battery life. it also comes with expandable storage features.

8. Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV Pocket Camera

We think the Cyber-shot RX100 is the best pocket camera available at the moment as, among other things, it can capture images with the same capacity of a high-end-fixed-lens camera. It has a 1-inch image sensor, 4k video recording facility and a pop-up viewfinder. Its price is around $948.

9. Neato Botvac 80 Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums are a brilliant choice to maintain your carpets and keep floors dust and dirt free. Normally they cannot climb stairs, and may get lost when the interface changes. But the latest Neato Botvac is exceeding all such limitations. We think it is a great investment, effortlessly keeping your house and office neat and clean.

10. DJI Phantom 3 Professional drones

Drones are the product of this era and now we are familiar to them buzzing overhead. they also probably take 1st place for most controversial gadget 2015. The Phantom 3 Professional drone of DJI has become extremely popular because of its remote controlled easy maneuvering features. It is quite simple to maneuver these drones once you master the necessary tricks and familiarize yourself with the necessary buttons. If you are a business owner who needs to shift plenty of lightweight products using a drone for doing the job and avoid the hassles of traffic blocks and carriers.